Empowering Growth: Forward Solutions’ Investment in the Electrical Channel

Forward Solutions serves as a pioneering force in empowering manufacturers to connect with key customers in the electrical channel. With a commitment to nurturing client growth in dynamic vertical markets, Forward Solutions has continuously evolved to meet the needs of its customers. In 2023, this dedication reached new heights with the strategic merger of ElectroRep on the West Coast and R/B Sales in the Midwest, solidifying a position as a leading outsourced sales and marketing firm for the electrical channel.

The decision to invest in expansion within the electrical channel is rooted in profound market insights and promising forecasts. US electrical channel sales, valued at a staggering $147.4 billion, are a testament to the ever-increasing demand for electricity, driven by growing markets such as data centers, transit, renewables, the proliferation of artificial intelligence technologies, and infrastructure funding. These factors have fueled unprecedented growth forecasts, making the electrical channel a prime arena for investment and expansion.

This investment represents a strategic move, adding a sixth division for Forward Solutions to bolster its capabilities and better serve its clientele. Here's why Forward Solutions' commitment to the electrical channel spells good news for current manufacturers, channel partners and installers:

Enhanced Geographical Support for Distribution Partners:
Geographical reach is paramount in ensuring the seamless distribution and accessibility of products within the electrical channel. Through its expanded footprint resulting from the merger with ElectroRep and R/B Sales, Forward Solutions can now offer unparalleled support to distribution partners across a broader geographic spectrum. This enhanced reach will continue to address the market trend of consolidation, centralized decision-making, and servicing projects that scale multiple regions. Our goal is to streamline communication and strengthen relationships with distributors, fostering a more collaborative and efficient ecosystem at an accelerated pace as we grow and invest.

Tech-Enabled Sales Team for Accelerated Growth:
Technological prowess through patented and IP-protected systems is a competitive differentiator in an era defined by digital transformation. Forward Solutions has invested heavily in equipping its sales team with cutting-edge technologies and tools, empowering them to navigate the complexities of the electrical channel with agility and precision. From data analytics and CRM systems to AI-powered insights, the tech-enabled sales team at Forward Solutions will accelerate business growth and deliver pipeline visibility for manufacturing partners.

Driving Sales Expansion Through Superior Marketing:
Forward Solutions recognizes the critical role that effective marketing and promotion play in driving sales of new products. By leveraging best-in-class marketing strategies and a robust team of professional marketers, the company aims to amplify the visibility and desirability of its client's products and services within the electrical channel. From targeted digital campaigns to captivating video content and VR demos, Forward Solutions equips its clients with the tools needed to captivate their audience and drive sales growth.

Insights-Driven Approach to Customer Engagement:
Understanding the pulse of the market and anticipating customer needs are essential ingredients for success in the electrical channel. Forward Solutions adopts an insights-driven approach to customer engagement, leveraging data analytics and market intelligence to glean actionable insights. Armed with an internal consulting team that deeply understands customer preferences and market trends, Forward Solutions empowers our employees and customers to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the curve.

Access to Specialized Resources:
In the fast-paced world of the electrical channel, specialized expertise is invaluable. Forward Solutions boasts a diverse team of experts spanning various domains, including business strategy, business intelligence, human resources, IT, marketing, and finance. Clients can access tailored solutions designed to address their unique challenges and capitalize on new opportunities by tapping into this reservoir of specialized resources.


Forward Solutions' expansion within the electrical channel signifies more than just growth; it marks the dawn of a transformative journey toward unparalleled success for its customers. Forward Solutions is poised to carve a path of significant growth in the electrical channel through a strategic blend of innovative marketing tactics, expanding geographical coverage without losing a local market focus, specialized expertise, tech-driven sales enablement, and insights-driven strategies. As the industry undergoes seismic shifts, Forward Solutions stands as a magnetic beacon of commitment with the scale to serve and guide our partners toward a future illuminated by boundless potential.