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People Focused

At Forward Solutions, we harness talented people, data insights, and industry connections to deliver extraordinary results. We provide highly skilled, efficient, centralized, critical business support – IT, HR, Finance, and Marketing – for divisional teams, so they’re free to focus on supporting and growing their customer base.

In our mergers and acquisitions, people come first. We don’t “mine value” of perfectly good companies by slashing or selling off parts. Instead, we keep your people and customer base, and invest in their future growth.

We not only take care of your people but offer them growth paths with opportunities within Forward Solutions divisions. We provide professional advancement and training, robust benefits, and a positive employee experience through the Forward Solutions culture. Having an extended family of divisions allows for enhanced personal growth and employee advancement opportunities.

Keith Angel

"They did what they said they would and took care of my people. I couldn't be happier. In fact, my team now has more career and growth opportunities being a part of the Forward Solutions group. I couldn’t be happier."

Keith Angel
Former owner of Angel Cotton
People Focused

We ensure sustainable business growth for your team through our long-term strategic plans and proprietary technology.

  • Strategic M&A variety expands our footprint of services and diversifies the portfolio, bringing commonality of end users and distribution.

  • Cross-divisional teams accelerate critical program launches with excellence.

  • REVit™ proprietary business operating system, captures all sales and marketing data in one central location.

  • SaleSpark™ sales enablement software, with AI and content analytics, improves the sales experience and uncovers the most valued content.

  • Our marketing tech stack leverages marketing automation and analytic features to drive marketing efficiency and effectiveness in order to maximize, leads, sales, revenue, and ROI.