Forward Solutions Forms Strategic Mergers to Establish New Electrical Channel Division and Expand Operations

HERSHEY, Pa., Aug. 08, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Forward Solutions, a leading player in outsourced marketing and sales, is thrilled to announce two significant mergers that will expand its operations and pave the way for strategic growth in the electrical channel. These mergers will bring together the established ElectroRep Inc. and R/B Sales Corporation, combining their expertise, resources, and customer bases within Forward Solutions.

ElectroRep Inc., a trusted name since 1960, has successfully served customers in California and Northern Nevada, generating exceptional opportunities through demand creation for the manufacturers they represent. Their commitment to excellence and customer-centric approach has enabled them to build a strong reputation in the industry. R/B Sales Corporation, operating since 1977, has been a driving force in Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, and Nebraska, with an unwavering focus on establishing deep relationships with national end users and providing unparalleled customer service support.

The strategic merger with both ElectroRep and R/B Sales is a natural fit that leverages each company’s respective strengths, expanding Forward Solutions sales expertise and enhancing its ability to serve a broader customer base. By combining the data-driven systems of ElectroRep with the national end user relationships of R/B Sales, the new electrical division will bring a holistic approach to serving electrical distributors, OEMs, MROs, electrical contractors, specifying engineers, and other end users.

President / CEO of Forward Solutions, Joe Orednick, expressed great enthusiasm about the mergers, stating, "We are thrilled to welcome ElectroRep and R/B Sales into the Forward Solutions portfolio. These mergers mark the beginning of a new era as we strategically invest in the electrical channel. Additionally, it positions us to unlock immense potential, drive sustainable growth, and deliver unparalleled value to our customers through insights and data."

Kelly Boyd, CEO and President of ElectroRep, expressed excitement about the collaboration, stating, “Joining forces with Forward Solutions marks another thrilling milestone for ElectroRep. We were impressed by Forward Solutions remarkable track record in uniting multiple mergers seamlessly, making this partnership highly enticing. By combining our culture and investments with Forward Solutions resources, we have the catalyst to deliver diverse and unique solutions that address evolving trends in the Electrical market. This merger allows ElectroRep to maintain local strategies while implementing broader initiatives and enhancing specialization where needed. We are proud to be Forward Solutions first step into the electrical channel, unlocking compelling opportunities for our employees, customers, and the manufacturers we represent.”

President of R/B Sales, Bill Devereaux, echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the value that the merger will bring to customers. "We are excited to join Forward Solutions and become part of their growth strategy. Our unwavering commitment to growing sales, marketing, and service aligns seamlessly with Forward Solutions vision. Together, we will deliver exceptional experiences to electrical distributors, contractors, and other end users across the region."

The newly formed division will operate under the Forward Solutions umbrella while retaining the individual expertise, relationships, and strengths of ElectroRep and R/B Sales. Customers can expect business operations to continue without disruption. The capabilities of each business will be further enhanced to provide support that is both more comprehensive and personal in their established territories.

About Forward Solutions
Forward Solutions is a customer-centric company that combines experience, relationships, products, services, and data to deliver a unique commercial B2B experience. Our portfolio includes a range of divisions such as Avision, Curate, Integrated Access Corporation™, OneSolution™, RelyPak™, and StruXur™. These divisions cater to manufacturers who seek to effectively grow their businesses through outsourced sales, marketing, customer support, and data analytics. The various divisions of Forward Solutions collectively provide an array of products sold through distribution to schools, hospitals, restaurants, commercial businesses, office buildings, manufacturing plants, contractors, utilities, and more. In addition, our divisions, Allynt Solutions and C3Team™, offer consulting services to manufacturers, distributors, and end users. With focused expertise in facility maintenance, cleaning, hygiene, foodservice disposables, foodservice equipment, industrial/MRO, safety, construction, utilities, telecom, and packaging supply channels, Forward Solutions is well-equipped to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Gina Tsiropoulos